Kennicott Mine

Abandoned before the mid-20th century, Kennecott drew enough attention after the 1980’s to initiate its stabilization and rehabilitation by the Park Service. Current visitors to Kennecott enjoy NPS tours of the restored mill town, available each day during the summer.Visiting McCarthy and Kennecott is worth the small journey to get there, 3-4 hours via road (See other road and air options below).

The road leads south through Kenny Lake and historic Chitina, through an impressive railroad cut above the broad confluence of the Copper and Chitina Rivers, and onto the 60 mile McCarthy Road to McCarthy and Kennecott. Check in at the NPS Visitors’ cabin at Chitina, just before you cross the Copper River on a modern bridge. North of the bridge you’ll see a small city of fish wheels turning all along the river, bringing local subsistence users a bright seasonal catch.

Wrangell St-Elias
National Park

Old Town Copper Center is close to the main headquarters and entrance to spectacular Wrangell- St. Elias National Park, the largest National Park in the United States. The headquarters for Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve is located at mile 106.8 Richardson Highway, in Copper Center, Alaska just 6 miles from our Inn and Restaurant.Most park staff are located here. The park superintendent and most administrative personnel are stationed at park headquarters.

It is 13.2 million acres boast 9 of the 16 tallest mountains in the country. The park shares its eastern border with Canada’s Kluane National Park. Looking east from Glennallen, from the Tok Road, or along the Richardson south of Glennallen, you are looking into an immense display ofgreat volcanic summits including Mount Wrangell. Wrangell is an active volcano that last erupted in 1900. Seismologists say another eruption is NOT imminent (just so you know).

Wrangell-St. Elias is a unique park, allowing traditional hunting and fishing and gathering by local residents as well as managed access to its interior wilderness areas via bush planes, boats, and ATVs. Outside its vast ice fields (the Bagley Ice Field is 127 miles long and 3000′ thick at some points) the remote rivers and lakesides are dotted by cabins and camps, a legacy of long use by Native peoples and more recent prospectors and miners.

Fishing on the
Klutina River

Old Town Copper Center Inn guests are invited to access Klutina River salmon waters from our property. Others may use the fishing area for a small fee.

Our neighbors nearby at Klutina Groves Campground, offer Klutina River Fishing Charters from their campgrounds at  Mile 100.5 Old Richardson Highway.Copper Center,AK 99573

Nearby lakes and streams–many accessible from the Glenn and Richardson Highways–offer Rainbow and Lake Trout, burbot, grayling, and steelhead.